Remind Australians that Foxtel is the only place they can watch the final season of Game of Thrones, and reinvigorate a brand that was seen as ‘old-school’ and ‘uncool’ compared to their rival, Netflix.


Over the course of seven seasons of Game of Thrones, fans have watched some of their most loved and loathed characters die trying to make it to the Iron Throne. So Foxtel created ‘Grave of Thrones: The Final Resting Place’. The experience, a sprawling, 2,000 square metre cemetery, was layered in reference to how characters lived and died. Fans were then invited to ‘pay their respects’ by visiting the graveyard. The event made for an emotional, captivating experience, with the graves turning fictional characters into something much more real than they were on screen. A streamable audio-tour further immersed visitors in the world of Westeros.


  • 30000+ visitors in 3 days

  • 350+ media stories

  • 300% increase in search for ‘Foxtel’

  • 97% positive social brand sentiment

  • 17% increase of Foxtel viewership of the season premiere.

Stark Mausoleum.jpg
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